Photo Gallery

University of Arizona's Arizona Radio Observatory grants users permission to download photographs or text from this Web Site for personal use or to reproduce them for educational purposes, but credit lines and copyright notices within the pages must not be removed or modified. Distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Uses by any other World Wide Web site

For educational purposes, any Web site can link directly to a photo file on the ARO site to display photographs and associated text. This is the preferred method for displaying the photos.

Slide presentations

Copies of the electronic images may be used in slide presentations (2"x2" or electronic presentations) except for those listed in forbidden uses below.

Forbidden uses

Photographs are not to be used in connection with the promotion of any commercial product or in "for sale" web sites and no exceptions will be granted for such uses. In addition, they may not be used and distributed in software, photo sets, or other electronic media, or in any printed publication without prior written consent. For ARO photos, contact Thomas Folkers, Arizona Radio Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson Az 85721-0065 regarding any uses of the photographs which are not specifically referred to in this policy. Permission to use photos from all other sources must be requested from the original source listed in the credit line.

Uses by educational institutions and governmental agencies

Linking directly to the photo page on the ARO website is the preferred method for displaying WWW photos. However, images may be copied to the institution's or agency's site for display so long as the following conditions are met:

Copyright statement cannot be removed from original photo.

Credit must be given on, or adjacent to, the photo:

"Used with permission from University of Arizona, T. W. Folkers, photographer".

Photos who's name ends in "_DH" are to be credited:

"Used with permission from University of Arizona, David Harvey, photographer".