SMT Holography Results 03/1995

SMTO Holography Map from 03/95

The above map of the dish surface is the current setting of the telescope surface measured at the conclusion of the March 1995 holography experiment. The measurements were made using the LES-8 satellite signal at 38 GHz. The spatial resolution of the measurements is about 10 cm on the dish surface. The current sensitivity of the measurements is limited by some cross-talk in one section of the system electronics. We will be correcting this in coming months and plan for a further holographic measurement session in September 1995.

From the current measurements, we infer that the dish surface has been set to the following accuracies:

  • panel ring 1: about 10 micron rms
  • panel ring 2: about 15 micron rms
  • panel ring 3: about 25 micron rms

In the coming months we will be checking these measurements with direct telescope measurements of astronomical sources at 350 micron wavelength.

This information page will be updated as we know more from the analysis of the holography maps and have more information from telescope test measurements.

Those participating in the current holography experiment are:

  • Bob Martin
  • Jaap Baars
  • Bill Peters
  • Jeff Mangum
  • Joe McMullin
  • Ferdinand Patt
  • Doug Officer

Special thanks to Darrel Emerson and the staff of NRAO Tucson for providing much of the hardware, software, and expert advice which made the SMT holography experiment possible.