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0.4mm (600 – 720 GHz) SIS Facility Receiver

This receiver is based upon an ALMA band 9 (602–720) GHz receiver. This is because the mixers used in this receiver are the same ones used for ALMA band 9. They have been provided by the Space Research Organization of the Netherlands (SRON) who is the group responsible for this band. This mixer is also used on the CHAMP + receiver at APEX and at the JCMT on Mauna Kea.

Current Status

The current configuration of this receiver is only single–polarization dual–sideband (DSB). The receiver was installed on the telescope in this rudimentary phase so that some observing with it could be done during the first half of the 2008 observing season. However, it will be fully operational as a dual–polarization DSB receiver for the fall/2008, 2009 observing season at the SMT. Also, the frequency coverage of the receiver is limited. It can only tune to as low as 652 GHz because of the limited frequency range of a power amplifier necessary to adequately drive the mixer. The current Gunn–based LO system will be replaced with an ALMA LO module once it becomes available this summer.

The DSB noise temperature of the receiver ranges from 70 to 95 Kelvins. However, the system temperature is around 3000 K at the site. The IF bandwidth is also currently limited from 4 to 6 GHz, but is intrinsically from 4 to 8 GHz. This is because the receiver currently shares an IF processing box with the facility 345 GHz receiver whose IF bandwidth is only 4 to 6 GHz. Again, this is only temporary and will be up to its full IF bandwidth of 4 GHz in the fall.


  • User Manual
  • PowerPoint presentation given at the 2008 Steward Observatory Symposium describing the hardware interface to the 0.4mmsis receiver.

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