Below is a running log, a sort of blog, of late breaking news involving both the 12 Meter and the SMT radio telescopes. Be sure to check here often for the latest information on using the ARO facilities. ( You may have to hit your 'reload' button to grab a fresh copy of this file)

T. W. Folkers

Date Time MST Site Description Status
06/29/07 12:00 SMT President Robert Shelton visits the SMT. News
06/27/07 11:48 ARO Nature publishes our paper in their letters section entitled: Chemical complexity in the winds of the oxygen-rich supergiant star VY Canis Majoris; by L. M. Ziurys, S. N. Milam, A. J. Apponi & N. J. Woolf. See here for details. News
01/03/07 15:00 12M We are awaiting new T1 to V.35 converters to repair the network to the 12 Meter. We expect them on the 5th.  


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