Date Time MST Site Description Status
12/20/05 15:00 12M We now have 'live' weather information for the 12 Meter available on-line. Look here for this new web page. News
12/19/05 17:00 SMT Warmed up the 230 GHz, 1.3mmJT to repair an open magnet coil.  
12/19/05 16:00 ARO I found a bunch of old SMT tech docs and have posted them here. News
12/14/05 14:00 ARO Oplogs are now searchable. Look here if you are an ARO employee. News
12/12/05 13:00 ARO I have now posted the operator logs online. ARO personnel may access these here. News
11/30/05 14:30 SMT We have posted the latest report on the JT receiver here.  
11/29/05 00:35 SMT The JT receiver is cold again. Fixed
11/28/05 20:00 SMT The JT 230 GHz receiver has warmed up and is temporarily out of service.  
11/23/05 16:00 SMT Unipops is now install and available for use at the SMT. At the present time, only the FFB  1 MHz data is available by the use of the command "hcdata". News
11/23/05 08:00 SMT The new 250 KHz filter banks are now install at the SMT and are undergoing testing. Observers are free to use them with caution. News
11/23/05 14:00 ARO Unipops version 30 in now installed at the 12 Meter and the SMT. News
11/09/05 15:00 SMT Xgpoint is now available at the SMT. News
11/09/05 10:00 ARO We now feature a web search and sitemap on our site. Look here to use. News
11/04/05 09:00 ARO Steward Observatory Internal Deadline Approaching. News
09/23/05 13:30 ARO We are announcing a general call for observing proposals for the Fall 2005 observing season. The deadline is October 31st. Click here for details. News
09/19/05 16:00 ARO NOTICE: Due to an ever increasing number of ssh attacks to our telescope computers, it has become necessary to implement limitations on our users. Beginning Sept 19, 2005, any series of 5 or greater failed attempts from a single originating host computer, to log into our computers will result in the offending computers IP address to be completely locked out for a period of at least 1 hour. This means all observers should make sure they have the correct username, "obs", and password, "Yah, like I'm going to give that out on the web", before they attempt to log in. News
09/01/05 09:00 ARO ARO is pleased to announce the hiring of two new operators. Kim Cochran and Karen Thomson. News
08/11/05 16:30 ARO We have two openings for telescope operators. One for each site. See here for details. News
08/04/05 14:00 ARO We have posted corrected proposal PDF files here. Turns out you simply can't produce a forms enabled PDF directly from a Windows .doc file. You must edit the PDF directly in order to retain the forms and checkboxes. Go figure? Fixed
08/03/05 12:00 SMT On the afternoon of August 3rd, 2005 it began to hail on Mt. Graham. One hour later it looked like it snowed. All in all we received 2 inches on "snow". Look here for proof. News

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