05/28/04 22:00 12m Once again modelo spontaneously reboots itself. Ongoing
05/25/04 18:30 12m The 23mm is repaired and cooling down. Fixed
05/24/04 18:50 12m Modelo died spontaneously and rebooted itself. ????
05/24/04 15:00 12m The 23mm is being warmed up to replace a leaky vacuum value. Ongoing
05/18/04 19:40 SMT The 345 has been shutdown for the season. News
05/18/02 2:00 12m The 23mm receiver is now cold Fixed
05/17/04 2:00 12m The 23mm receiver has been repaired and in now cooling down Ongoing
05/14/04 21:00 12m The 23mm is warming up for repairs.  
05/13/04 8:00 SMT 345 Back on flange and beginning to cool down. Ongoing
05/12/04 10:00 SMT The MAZER has died and disconnected. We are now running our freq references on GPS. News
05/11/04 14:00 SMT The Sun avoidance zone has been increased again to 41 degrees. News
05/08/04 23:30 SMT Removed 345 receiver from flange for further repairs. Ongoing
05/07/04 14:30 SMT The 345 receiver has been warmed back up for further repairs. Ongoing
05/06/04 9:45 SMT The 345 receiver is now cooling. Ongoing
05/05/04 23:30 SMT The 345 is back on the flange and being vacuumed. A bad MicroTech connector was replaced. Also a control cable was found to be shorting between the 20K and 4K shields. Ongoing
05/05/04 10:30 12m 1mm is now cold and ready to use. Fixed
05/03/04 11:30 12m The 23mm is cold and now ready to use Fixed
05/02/04 13:30 12m The 23mm has a new refrigerator and is now cooling. Ongoing
05/02/04 11:00 12m A power outage took out the number 2 UPS again. There appears to be something wrong with this unit.

Number 2 UPS replaced with a spare after the batteries all tested good. Unit now appears to be working ok.

05/01/04 11:30 12m The 23mm lost its refrigerator. Repairs are ongoing.  

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