03/31/04 20:30 12m The 23mm receiver has lost the refrigerator and is under repairs. 1mm receiver is operational at this time. Fixed
03/31/04 17:30 12m The network to Kitt Peak has been repaired and appears to be working at full speed. Fixed
03/31/04 14:00 12m The problem with ssh to Kitt Peak has been fixed. Observers are now to use locura.as.arizona.edu as their primary login. Fixed.
03/30/04 10:00 12m We are experiencing network problems between the top of Kitt Peak and the 12 Meter Telescope. The telephone company is currently working on this problem and should have it fixed shortly. This problem directly impacts remote observing. Fixed.
03/30/04 9:00 12m Some people are reporting problems ssh'ing into bohemia as well. We have no problems from our offices, so it may be a hosts issue. Fixed.
03/30/04   12m 'modelo', the 12 Meter's main observer analysis computer, is down and undergoing a replacement. Until that time, please use 'bohemia.as.arizona.edu' when doing remote observing. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Ongoing

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