Mt. Graham Fire Season Web Page

Date Time MST Site Description Status
07/15/04 16:00 12m The old Sun workstations were removed today and we installed the new Linux boxes. Corona, Tecate, Ballena, and Locura were replaced. We now begin the process of recompiling the control system software for Linux. News
07/14/04 16:00 12m The new 40 KVA UPS for Kitt Peak 12 Meter has been installed and now awaits the factor rep's inspection and initial tests. News
07/06/04 8:00 SMT There has been a tremendous amount of activity regarding the Nuttall Fire Complex on Mt. Graham. Click the here to go to our web page containing the latest news and information regarding this fire. News
07/02/04 17:00 SMT The MGIO site was ordered evacuated at 17:00 MST today. The Gibson fire went from 10 acres to to more then 100 acres in just a few hours forcing all personnel off the mountain. More... Bad News

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