12/13/04 10:00 12M Catalog tool now has a 'Set All On' and 'Set All Off' button so you can turn on, or off, all of your catalog sources at once. News
11/15/04 10:00 12M Mt. Graham has always claimed to be the only observatory site with it's own police force. Kitt Peak does them one better. News
10/21/04 13:00 12M The new control computers upgrades have been completed. There are several new features:
  • Planets and Comets can new be tracked using orbital elements instead of the ephemeris tables as before. Click here for details.
  • Unipops is now available under Linux. Although most of the procedures and functions have been tested, we still occasionally discover something that doesn't work. But, for most observers it's pretty stable.
  • We now have data calibration based on a on-line "chopper-wheel" + atmospheric modeling program. Click here for details.
  • Pointing model has been improved with additional elements.
  • GILDAS and Aips have been upgraded to the latest, stable, Linux based versions.
09/23/04 16:00 SMT John Ratje has put together a PowerPoint presentation dealing with the Nuttall Fire this last July. Click here to view it. News
09/09/04 17:00 12M The computer replacement at the 12 Meter has been completed and now we are adding features of the HHT to the software. Click here for more information. News
08/11/04 8:00 ARO ARO welcomes R. W. Freund, our newest staff member, formally of NRAO, has joined us as of August 2004, as a Sr. Engineer. News
08/10/04 8:00 ARO Proposals are currently being accepted for the Fall 2004 observing season. News
08/09/04 11:00 ARO Due to summer shutdown these pages are not getting updated on a regular basis. We expect the activities here to increase toward the end of August. News

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