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12 Meter Receiver Tsys Measurements


Below are links to the actual files recorded at the telescope each time a calibration is taken. This files contain most information an observer needs to gauge the performance of the receiver.

Be advised the the Tsys for any one channel may vary due to many factors such as tau0, telescope elevation and the sky frequency being too close to a water line. It is also possible the receiver is being tuned too close to the edge of a receiver band and that too can result in higher then normal Tsys.

These tables are presented for comparison purposes only. You mileage may vary...

Record Fields:

 Date   scan# UT   Az    El   Sky_freq  Tau0  Opr Obs  Rx  Tsys1 Tsys2 Tatm

29Oct20   28 11:04 298.2 55.0 88.637619 0.148 jwd hmb 3mmlo 257   248   1.8
29Oct20   29 11:08 298.1 54.3 88.637619 0.148 jwd hmb 3mmlo 258   249   1.8
29Oct20   30 11:12 298.1 53.5 88.637619 0.137 jwd hmb 3mmlo 257   248   1.8
29Oct20   31 11:20 283.0 56.9 88.630467 0.106 jwd hmb 3mmlo 267   252   1.9

Note: Tau0 is the measurement from the 225 GHz Radiometer. The Tatm, in degrees C, is from the weather station.

Observing Season 04-05

NOTE: During parts of the 2004-2005 season the 225 GHz radiometer was out of commission so the tau0 field may sometimes contain bogus information.

Also, the date fields contain a formatting error in that the first 2 digits of the year are printed instead of the last 2.  So 29Oct20 should read 29Oct04. This problem has been corrected for all future tables.

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